Odisha Budget for 2019-20 presented in the House

The Odisha Budget for FY 2019-20 was presented on 7th February 2019 by the Hon’ble Minister, Finance Sri Shashi Bhusan Behera. The budget for 2019‐20 was presented in the Odisha Legislative Assembly with an outlay of Rs 1,32,660 crore, which is about 10.4% more than the Annual Budget 2018‐19.

Here’s the key Highlights of the Budget

  • The outlay of Rs 66,000 crore for Programme Expenditure.
  • The allocation for Agriculture and Allied sectors in this Budget has been substantially enhanced to Rs 19,557 crore in 2019‐20.
  • Allocation of Rs 19,911 crore for Education and Skills sector.
  • Allocation of Rs 6,708 crore for Health sector.
  • Investment of about Rs.2,935 crore for Piped Water Supply Projects.
  • Allocation of Rs 22,044 crore for development of SCs and STs for identified Schemes in the Programme budget.
  • Outlay for development expenditure is more than 75% of total budget.
  • Tax GSDP Ratio for 2019‐20 (BE) would be 6.1%.
  • Revenue surplus projected at 1.6% of GSDP.
  • Fiscal Deficit kept within the prescribed limit of 3% of GSDP.

Investment in development of Projects

  • A sum of Rs 100 crore will be provided under the ADB assisted Odisha Skill Development Project to bring up a World Skill Centre in Odisha and upgrade the ITIs and Polytechnics along‐with advanced Skill Training Centres.
  • Rs 400 crore is provided for development of Railway Projects in the State.
  • Rs 10 crore is provided for completion of railways projects of strategic importance through SPVs.
  • The outlay for Industries Department is increased substantially to Rs 237 crore which includes Rs 188 crore towards pending benefits under IPR.
  • Outlay of Rs 183 crore is made for Handloom, handicrafts, sericulture and textile sector and Rs 192 crore is provided for MSME sector.
  • Rs 401 crore is provided under the new scheme Urban Transformation Initiative (UNNATI) for improvement of urban infrastructure.
  • Provision Rs 125 crore to upgrade the public transport system of Bhubaneswar on a PPP mode.
  • Another Rs 400 crore is provided for construction of urban dwelling units.
  • Thus, total Rs 4,000 crore is provided for housing sector.
  • Provision of Rs 2,935 crore under BASUDHA Scheme include Rs 435 crore for urban piped water supply.
  • Rs 1300 crore provided under Road Development Programme for construction and upgradation of roads in the State.
  • Rs 533 crore is provided under Odisha Distribution System Strengthening Programme (ODSSP) for establishment of new 33×11 sub‐stations.
  • Provision of Rs 100 crore is made under State Capital Region Improvement of Power System (SCRIPS) to provide 24X7 uninterrupted stable power supply.
  • Provision of Rs 200 crore for Double Laning of State Highways under State Highway Development Programme (SHDP); Rs 65 crore for road Projects under PPP mode; Rs 50 crore for Biju Expressway to improve connectivity in Western Odisha and KBK districts; Rs 250 crore for Central Road Fund projects.
  • Rs 500 crore is provided under Biju Setu Yojana for construction of bridges.

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